How to arrange a large garden?

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A large garden means large possibilities. If you have a lot of space at your disposal you can afford interesting and incredibly effective design solutions. Find out how you can develop a large garden in a beautiful way.

First and foremost vegetation

Whether your garden is rather small or extends over a large area, lush vegetation is an integral part of it. However, in the case of large gardens you have a little more scope when it comes to the number and species of plants. So which ones work best?

California firs will look beautiful. These spreading conifers will provide your garden with a bit of shade and will look beautiful and majestic. In addition, they smell beautifully with citrus notes. Another conifer that will look great in a large garden is the white spruce, which will work well as a hedge.

With plenty of space to spare, you can also decide to plant some fruit trees such as cherry, apple or pear trees. The trees will not only be a beautiful ornament of your garden, but if they are well cared for, they will also give you delicious fruit.

You can also not miss the flowers in the garden. If you’re looking for more wide-spreading flowers, timeless roses and hydrangeas are a great choice. If you’re looking for a more wide-spreading flower, timeless roses and hydrangeas are a great choice

It’s also a good idea to plant perennials such as yellow starthistle, rush, ivy, currant, woolly hellebore, or thyme, for example, between shrubs.

A place to spend time with loved ones

If you have a large garden, you can afford to build a large terrace. It will be a place to spend time with your loved ones, organize outdoor parties, barbecue with friends, drink morning coffee or have a moment just for yourself. However, in order to make the terrace a comfortable and convenient place, it is necessary to take care of its arrangement. Terrace furniture is very important. They should be not only aesthetic, but also durable and resistant to weather conditions. For example, we recommend furniture made of polyirattan, which is also very easy to keep clean. Another equally good solution, giving a slightly more cozy atmosphere, is impregnated wood. A table or coffee table and armchairs are essential furniture items that almost have to be on the terrace. In addition, there should also be adequate lighting on the terrace. The garland lights in the form of lanterns and pendant lights on the roof of the terrace from our online lighting store look great.

Water relaxation area

In a large garden you’ll certainly have room for your own water spa. So if you want to have a private relaxation zone in your garden, an elegant wooden garden hot tub is a great solution. It gives you a lot of possibilities, and moreover, it is quite easy to maintain, because it is made of resistant and durable thermal wood. Thanks to this solution, even the hardest day will end with a pleasant and regenerating massage. Moreover, such a tub will also be an incredibly impressive decoration of your garden.

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