DIY pumpkin decorations for your porch and home!

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Pumpkin is not only a tasty vegetable but also a great decoration which will warm up your home interior. We suggest how to create a lantern and a vase in a few steps and what for you will use paint and… pins!

Autumn has arrived, and with it the season for long evenings with a good book or your favorite TV series, for warm blankets, tea and for… pumpkin! You can of course eat it, for example in the form of a warming soup, delicious casserole or tasty pancakes or muffins, but it is also worth using it as a decoration. Pumpkin will beautifully decorate not only the interior, but also the porch, terrace or garden

Pumpkin is a very graceful vegetable. Above all, the color attracts attention – intense orange, warm, perfectly matching the autumn atmosphere. What is more, its shape and size are also very bulky. On the market you can find both small pumpkins and really large sizes.

To begin with, it is worth considering which places require arrangement. Pumpkin is so versatile that you can easily place it at the entrance to the house, in the hallway, living room or kitchen. It looks great on the floor, as well as on a table or windowsill – alone or accompanied by candles, coloured leaves and chestnuts.

However, it is worth going a step further and in a few moments create a unique decoration – and that without incurring high costs.

A pumpkin lantern – the classic is always in fashion

Pumpkin looks beautiful in candlelight, but it will make a spectacular impression when it becomes a lantern itself and the glow comes from inside. Most often they are associated with Halloween, but no one says that only a smiling face can be carved in a pumpkin.

Its shell allows for various experiments – you can cut in it small circles, leaves, hearts, flowers. There are many possibilities, but with precise patterns it is good to use a template.

So how to make a pumpkin lantern? Sometimes only a sharp and thin knife will do, but in many cases a drill will also come in handy. First, you need to cut off the top part and hollow out the center with a spoon, then move on to cutting out the pattern, and finally all that remains is to place a candle or heaters and you are done.

There is still one more issue – the shape of the pumpkin itself. You need to choose one that can stand firmly on a flat surface.

How about a pumpkin vase?

A hollowed-out pumpkin with the upper part cut off can also serve as an extremely original vase. In this case, you also need to pay attention to the fact that it can stand steadily.

In addition, wanting to put plants in it, it is worth protecting it from leaking and rapid rotting. Here there are various ways. You can pad the center with foil, florist sponge or place the bouquet first in a glass dish, and then only in the pumpkin.

In a vegetable vase you can put autumn flowers – asters, chrysanthemums, heather – or various kinds of succulents. Such a decoration will work great not only at home, but also at the entrance to the house and on the veranda.

Pumpkin painted with paint

A pumpkin has a beautiful shape, which makes it perfect as a decoration in itself. All you have to do is paint or spray-paint it. Just choose the color according to your preferences and interior decor. It will look great in white, black or silver, but the most impressive will be gold.

After the metamorphosis, you can put the pumpkin on the table, on a decorative tray, or on the windowsill. If the color change alone is not enough for you, a good idea is to sprinkle it with glitter or add other trinkets or ribbons. The only limitation here is really your imagination.

Total hit – pumpkin with… pins!

Another cheap, but very effective way to create DIY pumpkin decorations is to use ordinary pins. In this case, you don’t need a lot of work or additional tools.

First you need to choose a pattern – it can be an abstraction, symmetrical circles, an inscription, a number or something else. Then, it is best to draw it with a pen or marker and stick the pins into the finished sketch. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Pumpkin decorated with pins is becoming more and more popular.

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