TOP 5 most popular plants for pergolas

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In every garden there should be a place for a pergola, which creates a very impressive duo with the gazebo. What plants are best for the pergola?

What should I consider when choosing plants for the pergola?

When choosing plants for the pergola, you should be guided by the right proportions between the plant and the support. If the structure is massive, you can plant fast-growing shoots such as grapefruit. In case of filigree constructions, creepers with delicate habit, e.g. rose, will be better. Resistance of the pergola to fast and invasive plant growth is also important.

TOP 5 plants for pergolas

Climbing rose

Climbing rose is the least demanding of all roses. It doesn’t require much care. To make it look nice on a pergola, its stems should be regularly tied up. In spring it is advisable to cut back damaged and diseased branches. The climbing rose blooms from June to late autumn, depending on the variety. This plant grows best in fertile and permeable soil. It requires a semi-shaded position on the west or east side.

Common ivy

This plant is very popular in polish gardens. It grows very slowly but it is long-lived. In favourable conditions it can reach even 7 m of length. Ivy grows in any conditions and doesn’t require any special care. Ivy varieties with spotted leaves can’t tolerate cold. It is recommended to enrich the soil with peat or compost before planting.

Large-leaved cornucopia

This plant is very decorative, it has got large heart-shaped leaves and short stems reaching up to 15 cm. Its position must be sheltered from the wind because it is very sensitive to cold. It grows well both in sun and shade. It prefers permeable soil. Before winter it should be very carefully covered with fleece, in hot summer it needs systematic watering. If the plant is a few years old, it’s worth to make a rejuvenating cut in spring.


It’s a beautiful plant, blooming from May to October, with a scent of flowers, which seduces senses. It grows up to 7 m high and wraps around the pergola. It likes shady and semi shady places. Honeysuckle grows best in company of other climbing plants, that’s why it’s worth planting it e.g. next to a climbing rose

Chinese Actinidia

This plant is appreciated by many gardeners. Unfortunately, in polish conditions it is very difficult in cultivation and requires a lot of care. It owes its popularity to:

  • fast growth,
  • beautiful appearance,
  • tasty fruits.

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Chinese Actinidia can be damaged by frosts above -10°. In order to bear fruits in the garden you need to have several plants with male and female flowers, so they can reproduce. The plant requires a sunny position, which is sheltered from the wind. In autumn it should be completely covered with fleece or straw, which will protect it from frost.

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