Refreshing your furniture after winter – what should you remember?

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The balcony and terrace season is just around the corner. Barbecues, bonfires, coffee with friends in the garden, relaxing with a book – it’s time to take garden furniture out of the cellar. We will tell you how to refresh them so that they look like new!

Garden furniture – how to refresh it after winter?

Before you start refreshing your garden furniture after winter, it’s worth getting the necessary preparations. This will make the process simple and above all fast. Remember, however, to buy a preparation suitable for the material from which your furniture is made. One product will be suitable for wooden furniture and another for technorattan furniture.

It is also worth remembering that restoring your furniture in spring will be much easier if you store it in the garage or basement after the season is over and cover it with foil. Remember to do this this autumn!

Refreshing wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture needs special treatment when refreshing. The first step, of course, is to clean it thoroughly. Remember that wooden furniture is best washed with special preparations for this purpose which you can easily find in a drugstore or DIY store. After cleaning, leave the furniture in a ventilated place (preferably in the garden or on the balcony) to dry thoroughly. Also remember to check the screws – it’s a good idea to tighten them after the winter.

Refreshing the color of wooden furniture

If, after cleaning, you find that your furniture has discoloration or scratches, consider refreshing its color. Before you apply paint (be sure to buy a product designed for wood), sand the piece of furniture with a high-grade sandpaper. This will take some time, but using a fine grade of sandpaper ensures that you only sand off the old paint and do not damage the wood. If you are just refreshing the color, keep in mind that you don’t have to remove all of the paint, just sand off the top layer a bit. This way, the new layer will adhere well. However, if you are doing a complete makeover and changing the color of the furniture, be sure to remove all layers of old paint – only after such an operation will you be guaranteed that the color you get will be even across the entire surface. 

Useful tip: Your garden furniture has a lot of folds so you’re afraid you won’t be able to paint everything evenly? Use spray paint and you can easily paint all the nooks and crannies without having to disassemble the furniture.

Refreshing Technorattan Garden Furniture

Refreshing technorattan furniture is easier than refreshing wooden or traditional rattan furniture. Washing technorattan furniture with water and washing-up liquid is recommended. However, before you start cleaning with a damp cloth, it is advisable to vacuum the furniture with a brush with a panel brush attachment. 

Technorattan furniture is an excellent choice for the terrace or the garden. They are not as stylish as rattan furniture, however, technorattan is very resistant to adverse weather conditions, which is invaluable in case of garden furniture. Technorattan furniture does not discolor and is very easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about the need to refresh the color after a few seasons. 

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