Glass garden greenhouse step by step

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Owning your own garden greenhouse is becoming increasingly popular and fits perfectly into the current eco-trends. Even in the smallest greenhouse you can grow the most demanding plants.

Legal regulations for greenhouses

The construction of a garden greenhouse with a surface area below 35m2 does not require a building permit, but it does require other formalities.

Notification of greenhouse construction

The intention to build a greenhouse should be reported at least 30 days before the commencement of works. The application should be submitted in the town hall or district office. It should specify:

  • the scope of works,
  • construction technology,
  • the planned date of commencement of construction works.

If the investor does not receive any letter for 30 days, it means that tacit consent for the execution of the investment has been granted.

A greenhouse with an area exceeding 35m2 requires a construction permit. Then the formalities are more complicated and it is necessary to provide:

  • greenhouse project,
  • situation and altitude map,
  • statement about the right to dispose of the property for construction purposes,
  • additional documents as required by the office.
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Location of a greenhouse on a plot of land

The location of the greenhouse on the plot must be very carefully planned as it should stand in the sunniest place. Therefore, it is best to place the greenhouse in the southern part of the property.

The amount of sunny position usually determines the maximum area of the greenhouse. The larger the greenhouse, the more plants it can accommodate and the easier it will be to care for them.

A greenhouse should be equipped with an irrigation system which makes watering the plants much easier. If the investor decides on a heated greenhouse, he has to connect the heating in it

What material can be used to build a garden greenhouse?

A garden greenhouse can be made of various materials. The most popular ones are:

  • foil,
  • wood,
  • steel,
  • aluminum,
  • polycarbonate,
  • glass.

Garden greenhouse made of glass

Glass is one of the most popular materials for greenhouse construction. The main advantages of this material include:

  • high permeability to sunlight,
  • high scratch resistance,
  • resistance to various weather conditions,
  • durability for many years
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How to choose the best glass greenhouse for the garden?

A greenhouse for the garden should be characterized by high quality and aesthetic workmanship. A greenhouse is a structure that is built to last for many years, so it is worth ensuring that every element is of the highest quality. The most popular are glass greenhouses on an aluminum frame, in which the structural elements are connected to each other with screws.

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When choosing a glass greenhouse for your own garden, you should pay attention to:

  • the area of the greenhouse – it must be in accordance with the investor’s expectations;
  • the height of about 2.5 m which will allow you to move freely around the greenhouse;
  • the ease of construction;
  • ease of opening the door;
  • roof windows to facilitate ventilation;
  • the availability of accessories.

Greenhouse installation – by yourself or with the help of a team?

Assembling a greenhouse can be done alone, but it’s a good idea to have a second person to help because some of the elements are heavy and may need to be supported during assembly. In most cases two people can build a greenhouse in less than two days.

A great many manufacturers of small garden greenhouses include extremely comprehensive self-assembly instructions on CD with the product. If the builder is not sure whether he can manage the assembly of the greenhouse, he can purchase this service in the store for an additional fee.

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