Tidying up the garden – retractable garden hose and other storage options

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An integral activity that must be performed regularly in the home garden is watering plants. For this purpose, garden hoses of various lengths are necessary. How and where to keep them so that you always have easy access to them?

Tangled or bent garden hoses are a big problem for a person who wants to water his plants. An important aspect is the proper technique for storing hoses, so that we can quickly and easily reuse them. We suggest how to keep your gardening accessories in order so that the work in the garden is pleasant and enjoyable

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4 easy ways to store garden hoses

  1. Wall-mounted reel

A very clever and easy solution is to install a wall-mounted reel on the wall of your building, which will make coiling your garden hose a breeze. The reel, which will act as a hanger, is best mounted in close proximity to the place from which water will be drawn. This may be a domestic tap or a retention tank. A huge advantage of this solution is that you do not have to tire your spine carrying heavy hoses. The reel system is very simple and allows you to water even remote corners of the garden. Also helpful is the guide roller that lays the hose reel after use, so there are no kinks or creases. Another plus is the fact that the hose reel together with the hose can be easily detached from the wall and moved to the place we need. It is a good practice to store them in a dry place for the winter months so they do not get damaged quickly

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  1. Cart

Another solution that will make storing and using garden hoses easier is to purchase a special cart. This is an investment that allows for a lot of possibilities, because such equipment has a lot of advantages. Carts are equipped with wheels, which makes transporting the garden hose very comfortable. Like the reel, this solution simplifies the process of rolling and unrolling the hose, and avoids tangles in the water supply tubes. Many models have a built-in mechanism for automatic rewinding, so even this can be done effortlessly. With a cart, watering your garden becomes much easier and less time-consuming. Gardeners, especially those who often use hoses, stress that buying a watering cart is an excellent choice because it’s rust-proof equipment that will last for years

  1. Wall Hanger

For people who are looking for a cheap and simple solution for storing garden hoses, it will be wise to install a special hanger. It does not have a system for coiling and uncoiling hose tubes, but it allows you to keep things tidy and prevents the hose from kinking. Compared to a wall-mounted hose reel or garden hose cart this is not the most functional solution, but it is ideal for gardens where the use of a hose is occasional and sporadic. Many hangers are also equipped with special holders for other gardening accessories such as: guns, sprinklers and nozzles. The hanger can be removed from the wall and moved to a suitable location if required

  1. Hose carrier

The last way to store garden hoses and make them easier to use is a hose carrier. It works in a similar way to a wall mounted hose reel, with the help of a special flask you can easily roll up the hose when you are done. Its undoubted advantage is that it can be moved freely, it is not attached or mounted anywhere. If you have several places that you need to water during the summer season, this is the perfect solution. The carrier is carried by a handle attached to it.

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