How do I care for my home lawn?

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Who doesn’t dream of having a thick lawn where you can walk around with your bare feet like a green carpet? But to enjoy such a view, you need regular and special care. Check out which treatments have a significant impact on the proper growth of the grass.

First, watering

Regular watering of the lawn is actually the easiest maintenance procedure that we can give the turf to grow beautifully. Regularity is very important here and the principle that it is better to water the lawn less often but more abundantly than often but not enough. The lawn likes to be watered intensively; 10-12 liters of water per square metre will ensure that it grows well and thickens. The most important thing is to take care of the lawn right after sowing. Then, we should water the grass regularly for about 3 weeks, preferably by hand. Freshly sown grass should be watered with a gentle stream so as not to rinse the seeds out of the ground. To do this, it is best to visit a gardening store and get the right accessories. A garden hose with adjustable nozzles or a spray gun will certainly come in handy. However, if you do not have a lot of time and would like to take care of the lawn irrigation, it is worth investing in a three-armed rotating sprinkler with variable speed adjustment by turning the nozzles. This allows you to set the intensity and flow of watering yourself.

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Secondly, the right seeds and fertilizers

In addition to regular watering, a lawn needs the right nutrients to encourage grass to grow. Fertilizing is best done in early spring, after the first mowing of the grass, with mineral fertilizers with a predominance of nitrogen. Nitrogen boosts grass growth and makes the turf thicker. This type of mixture should be used in spring and summer. In order to ensure that the grass grows and develops properly in the autumn, the mixture should contain elements such as iron, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. The beginning of September is also a good time to repair any defects in the lawn. Where grass stops growing, remove and replace the top layer of soil and sow again. Choose a grass that grows quickly or a special regenerative grass mix. Sown now, the grass will germinate and become stronger before the cold weather arrives. For this too, it is advisable to shop in a good garden store which offers a wide range of grasses to suit your needs. It is extremely important to choose the right grass seeds. First of all, they have to be suitable for the conditions in your garden. The seeds must be suitable for the conditions in your garden. You will need completely different seeds to create a home field, and still others if the lawn is to be mainly decorative. If you don’t have much time to care for your lawn, slow-growing grasses that don’t need to be mowed or watered as often are a good choice

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Thirdly, mowing

For a thick lawn, it needs regular mowing, which should take place about every week. Start with spring mowing, preferably at the end of March or the beginning of April. The right height for the grass is 4 cm; higher than that, the grass will break down and can rot. The purpose of regular mowing is to force the grass to bush out so that the density of the turf is maintained. To do this you need to buy the right equipment. A lawnmower is essential even for a small lawn. The choice of mowing machines is huge. In a well-stocked store you’ll find a lawnmower that’s comfortable and fast to mow, also taking into account the size of your garden and its layout. For small areas with a slope, an electric mower will be ideal. For large areas, on the other hand, a petrol lawnmower is ideal. And if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly and quiet mowing experience, a battery-powered mower is a great option. Its biggest advantage is that it can be used in places far away from a power source.

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