Give flowers to bees!

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Helping bees is a very timely and important topic. By joining the action “Give flowers to bees” you can save millions of bees from extinction. Check what the initiative is and how to join it.

Bees in Poland

In Poland there are 470 species of bees, of which over 200 are threatened with extinction. Bees lack places where they can get food, breed and live safely. The action Giving flowers to bees aims at helping to meet these needs

How to help the bees?

The action consists in encouraging the planting of certain kinds of flowers in gardens and on terraces, which the bees like to pick and which can be a source of food for them. These are flowers such as, for example, strawberry, velvet, thyme, rosemary, hollyhock, lavender, nemesia, asters, oregano, honeysuckle, and zeniscus

In addition, the basic one says to choose ornamental plants so that any of them bloom throughout the season. This way, you can ensure that bees have constant access to food. Moreover, you should water the plants in the evening, so that the bees can collect dry pollen in the morning. Gardening enthusiasts can help save thousands of bees with a few simple choices.

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