How to create a barbecue area in your garden

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In the summer season, it’s hard to imagine a successful party without a barbecue. If you have your own garden or allotment and appreciate grilled dishes, consider arranging a permanent barbecue area. Here’s how to create a good place for it.

Safety comes first

If you own a plot of land or a house with a garden, there are no objections to setting up a barbecue on your own property. You don’t have to worry about searching for a free outdoor space where you can set up with a fire pit without risking a fine. Having a party in your own garden gives you more freedom and privacy.

It is worth choosing solutions that will allow you to use your barbecue all year round. The place for the barbecue can be included in the design of the garden shed or pavilion, which will allow you to be independent of the weather conditions. It is worth remembering that the barbecue in the garden should be placed in a safe place, which will be away from flammable materials and garden plants. The barbecue should also not be placed in a location that is accessible to children or that will disturb your neighbors in any way

Place the unit in a location that will be sheltered from strong winds – although garden grills are well protected, you should be aware of the risk of causing a fire during droughts and very windy days. It’s a good idea to always have a fire extinguisher handy for safety. You should only burn charcoal, wood or special firelighters in the barbecue. The barbecue should also be placed on a hard and stable surface – paving stones or concrete slabs can be used for this purpose.

It is worth investing in a a barbecue with a lida grill that allows you to precisely control the temperature during grilling. At the end of the season or to protect the device from moisture and other undesirable external factors, such as dust, you should put on a special protective cover.

Create a quiet corner for barbecuing

Barbecues are a good way to relax during the holidays and enjoy time with loved ones. Make sure to choose a quiet place for a barbecue in the garden where you won’t have to worry about passers-by and noise coming from the street. In addition, your comfort will increase functional and aesthetic furniture and accessories. Equip the barbecue area with a rocking bench, comfortable garden seats and a table that can accommodate all your guests. Also consider buying a portable speaker or radio and an umbrella to protect you from the sun and rain.

If you are concerned about ecological solutions, replace charcoal appliances with gas or electric grills, and plastic cutlery and plates with reusable or paper tableware Gas grills generate less smoke than traditional charcoal versions, allow for more control over the temperature and faster firing. Also of great importance is the fact that gas grills allow you to prepare healthier food. Garden models often have wheels that make the unit easy to transport.

High-quality barbecue appliances also make a striking decoration for the terrace or garden.If you are looking for inspiration for tasty dishes for a garden party, a good burger on grill or grilled camembert and vegetables in a marinade. The multitude of flavor combinations available, both meat and vegetarian, means that everyone will find the perfect gas grill dish recipe for themselves.

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