Single-sided wooden shed step by step

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Building a wooden carport is a great solution especially for people who cannot build a garage for various reasons, but want to protect their vehicle from harmful weather elements. Modern carport is easy to make. We suggest how to make it step by step

Construction of single-sided garage shed step by step

1. Completion of formalities

Report the construction of a carport to the appropriate city office or county district office. If the shed is over 50m2, you need a building permit.

2. Preparing the surface

You should know that the level of the pavement on which the shed is to stand should be slightly higher than the rest of the area. This will facilitate water runoff during rainfall – the water will not stand still.

The surface under the shelter should be hardened. Materials and aggregates used for road construction will be best for this. The most popular materials are:

  • cobblestones,
  • concrete openwork slabs,
  • wooden blocks.

Regardless of the material that will be used to pave the road, it is necessary to select a layer of soil to a depth of 30 cm. The resulting hole should be poured with 15 cm of rubble

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3. Preparing foundations

While preparing the surface, you should also start preparing the foundations. Most often they are made of concrete footings poured directly into the ground. On the foundations, plank frames 15 cm high are placed, thanks to which the concrete footings can be led upwards.

4. Load-bearing structure

The most popular solution is a wooden load-bearing structure, which on top is connected with a tie beam that acts as a roof. To build a wooden shelter the best solution are pine logs with cross section of 8×8 cm or 10×10 cm. Structural elements should be joined together with galvanized nails. The supporting structure should be additionally reinforced with corner beams.

The wooden shed must be impregnated using, for example, varnish stain.

5. Carport roofing

The roof is usually made of wooden elements that are supported by posts. The slope of the shed roof must be less than 15 degrees, which ensures rapid water runoff and self-cleaning of the roof. The most popular roofing materials are:

  • tar paper,
  • shingles,
  • corrugated bituminous panels,
  • metal roofing tiles.

Ceramic tiles and cement tiles should not be laid on the shed roof due to their heavy weight.

When the shed is adjacent to the wall of the house, special attention should be paid to securing the connection between the roof and the shed. In such a place it is necessary to install a metal apron which overlaps min. 20 cm on the wall.

Wooden shed vs. construction law

According to the amendment to the construction law of 28 June 2015, carports are divided into:

  • single-level under 50m2 in area;
  • above 50m2 in area.

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Carports up to 50 m2 in area

The Construction Law defines carports below 50m2 as a structure that must be reported to the relevant city office or county district office. The notification of the construction of a carport should include information:

  • the type of carport,
  • method of construction,
  • date of commencement of work.

The application should be accompanied by a statement about the right to dispose of the building plot. The clerk may require a handwritten design to be attached to the application.

Carport over 50m2

If the carport you are building is over 50m2, it is necessary to complete the formalities, that is, to apply for a building permit. The application must be accompanied by:

  • four copies of the construction design, including, among others:
    • opinions,
    • agreements,
    • permits,
  • documents required by specific regulations;
  • decision on local land development conditions;
  • statement of the investor on the right to use the real estate.

After issuing a positive decision, the investor may proceed with the construction of the shed within 3 years.

Distance of sheds from other buildings

The distance of the shed from other buildings is determined by its dimensions. The safest solution is to keep the distance regarding buildings:

  • 4 m from the border if the windows overlook the neighboring plot,
  • 3 m if there are no windows.

It is worth knowing that the maximum number of sheds on a building plot cannot exceed two for each 5 acres of the property.

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