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Patio balustrade step by step. Do it yourself!

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A balustrade increases safety when using your patio. This is very important, especially if there are small children in the house. You can make a balustrade yourself with wood or string. How to make a railing DIY?

Building a wooden railing step by step

DIY wooden balustrade goes well with a classic wooden terrace. To keep its beautiful appearance, it must be regularly impregnated.

To build a railing you will need materials:

  • scantling 9 × 9 cm;
  • scantling 7 × 7 cm;
  • scantling 4.5 × 10 cm;
  • carpentry screws;
  • lock screws.

The necessary tools for building the railing are:

  • drill and screwdriver,
  • milling machine,
  • protractor,
  • pencil,
  • mitre saw.

Balustrade step by step

In the first step, cut a scantling 9 × 9 cm in sections with a length of about 100 cm. Optimally, the railing should be 80 cm high. Then cut a hole in each board with a depth corresponding to the width of the decking.

The next step is to cut a 7 × 7 cm scantling to the correct length. Then attach it to the posts. It will form the railing of the railing. In the next step, mark the places where the posts of the railing will meet the railing. In these places you need to drill holes. Then screw the posts with carpentry screws to the railing. In the last step, you need to attach the railing to the wooden terrace.

Construction of wooden railing from ropes

A balustrade made of ropes is a great alternative to a traditional balustrade. To make a rope railing, you will need the help of another person. Wooden railing with ropes fits perfectly into the ecological trends. Great performs in the gardens in a country style.

To make such a railing, you will need a scantling 9 × 9 cm, which should be cut into sections with a length of about 100 cm. The arrangement of the posts should be according to individual preferences. Drill holes in each post with a drill (the number of holes should be adjusted to individual preferences). Next, the posts have to be fixed to the terrace. Once they are in place, you then pull the jute rope through the holes. To prevent the rope from falling through the posts, it should be tied at the ends.

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