Fertilizers for tomatoes – when and what is best to fertilize with?

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Tomatoes are one of the more demanding vegetables. They need regular fertilization for proper growth. When and what is the best way to fertilize tomatoes? What is the best soil for growing tomatoes?

What soil is best for growing tomatoes?

If you want to plant tomatoes in the ground, you need to prepare the soil properly. These vegetables grow best in sandy loam soil with an acidic reaction (pH 5.5-6.5). You must remember that they have high mineral requirements.

For tomato seedlings to grow well and produce a bountiful crop, the soil should be rich in nitrogen and nutrients. Therefore, before planting tomatoes, it is a good idea to enrich the soil with fertilizers or manure. Fertilizing should be done in the fall of the year before planting the seedlings. This will make the soil rich in minerals in the spring.

When and how to fertilize tomatoes?

Tomatoes should be fertilized during their most intensive growth period in July and August. This is when symptoms of mineral deficiency can be observed. The most common symptoms are curling of the leaves and yellowing of the leaves. Therefore, during this period it is recommended to fertilize tomatoes with mineral fertilizers such as Azofoska. Special fertilizers for tomatoes can also be found in stores. It is worth choosing fertilizers in liquid form or for dissolving in water. These are best absorbed by plants.

Single-component fertilizers such as saltpeter or superphosphate can also be used for fertilization. They contain calcium, which is necessary for the proper formation of tomatoes.

It is advisable to start fertilizing the soil about 3-4 weeks before the planned planting of seedlings. This activity should be repeated every two weeks until the harvest of tomatoes begins.

Young seedlings need mineral nutrients to grow properly. After planting it is recommended to use foliar fertilizers, the so-called chelates, which through photosynthesis quickly provide the plant with the necessary mineral components. During flowering plants should be fed with fertilizers rich in mineral components. This will result in better fruit formation and the plants will be more resistant to infection.

Many scientists and tomato growers recommend foliar fertilization as the most effective way to properly fertilize this vegetable. Through the process of photosynthesis, the ingredients get into the plant faster. For environmental reasons such as soil acidification, fertilizing tomatoes with pellets and liquids may be less effective.

Fertilizing tomatoes grown in pots

Tomatoes grown in pots are more likely to be deficient in nutrients because they more quickly use up those available in a small amount of soil. Fertilize potted tomatoes 2 weeks after planting. This should be repeated every two weeks. To fertilize potted tomatoes it is advisable to choose long-acting fertilizers.

Organic tomato fertilization

Tomatoes can be fertilized organically with so-called nettle manure. It can also be made from dandelion or horsetail. In stores you can also find ready-made organic fertilizers for plants.

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