Hand fertilization of the lawn, establishment of a lawn from seeding

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trawnik w ogrodzie
Photo by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

Do you dream of a beautiful green lawn? You mow, water, and the grass still looks ugly? This means that it lacks minerals. Grass, like other plants, needs proper nutrition. See how to quickly restore your lawn without investing in a seed drill.

The quick and inexpensive way to a beautiful lawn

If you want to enjoy a beautiful and lush lawn that catches everyone’s eye, in addition to the usual lawn care, the grass needs to be fertilized regularly. How do you do this without a seed drill? By fertilising by hand. It’s very simple. The grass will be thick and lush green afterwards.

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ogrodnik trawa
Photo by Eugene Brennan from Pixabay
  • the first step is to buy the right amount of fertilizer, depending on the size of the lawn, this information can be found on the package, as a rule of thumb, about 3kg of fertilizer is used per 100 sqm,
  • for manual sowing, granular fertilizer is recommended,
  • pour the fertilizer into a bucket,
  • divide the prepared amount into two parts,
  • sow fertilizer crosswise,
  • sow from each other, with a sweeping motion outwards.
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