How often do I mow the grass and to what height?

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Jak często kosić trawę i na jaka wysokość?
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The frequency and technique of grass mowing will determine the appearance of our lawn. How often and to what height should the grass be mown? – Find out in this article

Although mowing may not seem like a particularly complicated operation, the condition and appearance of your lawn will depend on how often and at what height you cut the grass. So this simple activity turns out to be one of the key elements of lawn care

Photo by: Pexels, from: Pixabay

Mowing the lawn – when and how often?

First of all, the first mowing after the winter period is essential. March/April is the best time to mow for the first time after the winter. If there is still snow at that time, mowing should wait until more favourable conditions

The last cut of the grass is usually done in September or October – in case of exceptionally sunny autumns. Throughout the season, from the first to the last mowing, the grass should be cut every 1-2 weeks, depending on how quickly it grows

How high should I cut the grass?

The minimum cutting height should be at least 2.5 cm, otherwise the turf will thin out and turn yellow. When mowing for the first time after winter or on newly established lawns, it’s advisable to cut at least 6 cm, but the optimum height is 3-4 cm. When the grass reaches 10 cm, it’s time to mow again.

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