Mole in the garden! How to get rid of it?

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Although a mole is a useful creature because it helps get rid of insects, the sight of mounds on a manicured lawn is unpleasant. How can you effectively get rid of a mole from your garden?

Mole – a protected animal

The mole is a protected animal under the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 7 October 2014. The protection does not apply to:

  • private gardens and allotments,
  • forest nurseries,
  • grassy airfields,
  • terrestrial hydrotechnical structures,
  • sports facilities.

Mechanical ways to get rid of a mole

Underground barriers

Moles dig deep, so conventional fencing will not stop them. Underground barriers can stop a mole from destroying your lawn. The blockades must be buried deep to be effective. Mole netting makes a good barrier against this animal.

An annoying sound

One eco-friendly way to deal with a mole is through noise. These mammals are very sensitive to loud sounds. Therefore, a good solution is an ultrasonic and vibrating mole repellent. This device emits sound and vibration from time to time to scare moles away. For this solution to be effective, you should place several of these devices in your garden.

Electronic mole repellent is usually powered by batteries, which quickly run out. An ecological and economical solution is, solar mole repellent. For the device to be effective, it must be of good quality.

Electric repellents

Many gardeners recommend electro-acoustic repellents, which emit sounds inaudible to humans and annoying to moles. The range of this device is 600 meters. It is best to drive them into the ground near mole mounds.

Mole trap

Various mole traps are commercially available that need to be dug into an active tunnel. Most traps are snap-on models that kill the mole immediately.

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Home remedies for moles

Improve soil drainage

Most moles only feed in moist soil – there are more insects in such soil, which are their mainstay. Increasing drainage in your garden and reducing soil moisture will result in fewer of these animals.

Fur and droppings from other animals

Placing the fur and droppings of a cat or dog in a mole tunnel is a well-known and proven way to rid your garden of moles.

Mole deterrent plants

Plants are worth planting near mole mounds. Planting plants is a very aesthetic way to get rid of moles from the garden. These animals do not like the smell:

  • castor bean,
  • checkerboard,
  • narcissus,
  • velvet.

Fishy smell

Moles cannot stand the smell of fish. Therefore, a good way to do this is to place the remains of the fish in a mole tunnel.

Manure made from elderberry and cranberry twigs

To make a slurry, you need a kilogram of fresh flowers, leaves, elderberry twigs and twigs of the cranberry tree. All this should be poured into 10 liters of water and left for 4-5 days. Once a day we should stir the solution. After the recommended time you can pour the solution into the mole tunnels.


It is advisable to leave a few peeled cloves of garlic in the mole tunnels.

Jar trap

A 1.5 to 2 litre jar should be buried upside down in each molehill. This trap should be checked every 10-12 hours. The captured mole should be released at least 500 m from the property.

Chemical traps for moles

Chemical preparations for moles are in the form:

  • gel,
  • liquid,
  • granules.

Granules are the easiest to distribute, but they can be a danger to four-legged household members. Gel or liquid should be poured into the center of the mound, while being careful – these preparations contain harmful substances.

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Moth balls deter moles

Moles do not like strong smells, so a good solution is to put into the tunnel moth balls or dried lavender.

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