Petrol brushcutters for tough terrain

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It’s not always the case that we have a level plot of land that we can easily mow with a traditional lawn mower. Sometimes our garden is uneven and the grass or other plants we want to get rid of grow in places that are difficult to reach. In such situations, petrol lawnmowers are the best choice. Which one to choose and what to look for before buying?

Which brushcutters should I choose for difficult terrain?

Cutting grass in places that are difficult to reach will be easier once you’ve chosen the right brushcutter. If you’re going to be cutting not only grass but also a piece of ditch or occasionally cutting a piece of weed on the property, it’s better to choose a cutter with a more powerful engine, there are usually two-stroke and four-stroke models available. Another aspect you should consider is the cutting system – what kind of blade or what kind of line will be suitable for your needs, with a blade with more teeth you can even cut bushes and thin trees. There are many companies on the market offering petrol scythes suitable for garden needs, as well as those for professionals. The most popular companies are: Stihl, Husqvarna, NAC, Stiga, Makita or Demon.

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