Garden roses – cultivation and care

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Roses have earned themselves the nickname “queens of the garden”, not without reason, because they are one of the most frequently planted garden flowers and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and best-smelling plants. How to take care of them so that they repay us with beautiful flowers and fragrance?

When to plant roses?

The best time for planting rose seedlings is autumn. Then the root system will quietly grow and ensure that the plant develops quickly in the spring.

How to care for roses?

Right after planting, it is necessary to water the plant abundantly for some time. They should be watered infrequently, but it is important to keep them well watered. Water them rarely, but with plenty of water. Adult plants should be fertilized once a year in spring, preferably in April. Gardeners recommend the use of slow-release fertilizers, which provide our roses with a systematic release of nutrients. The bushes should be pruned in the spring. During the season, however, after the inflorescences bloom it is necessary to remove them as well. Roses, being delicate plants, need to be protected before winter, for example by making a mound of earth or using the mulching method.

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