Stains on paving stones – how to get rid of them?

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Stains of unknown origin often appear on our paving stones, especially after autumn and winter. After all, this type of surface is particularly vulnerable to contamination. Fortunately, we can easily prevent them and effectively clean them

How to get rid of stains on paving stones?

The most common stains that appear on paving stones are mosses and weeds. They develop when the paving blocks are wet. In this case the drainage of the driveway should help. If mosses and weeds still appear on our paving stones we should use other methods to get rid of them. Moss infested pavement should first be cleaned manually – we can easily scrape off the dirt with a metal spatula. We have to do it carefully in order not to scratch the pavement or accidentally remove the sand that is between the blocks. Once the biggest dirt and moss has been gently removed, the residue can be rinsed off with a pressure washer. Here again, care must be taken not to disturb the structure of the pavers and not to rinse out the sand excessively. The joints are quite delicate, that is why we wash the very surface of the sett with the biggest stream of water. Very stubborn dirt will be removed with a special brush. After this procedure, the cube must be impregnated with a preparation against plant growth

Oily stains on paving stones are also very difficult to remove. These can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. A proven way is to wash the cube with a stain remover, including the one you use to clean your grill. Apply a very thick layer of the stain remover and wait about half an hour. Then wash the place with a pressure washer. This method will work if the stain on the paving stones is noticed quite quickly. In order to prevent the oil from further penetrating the paving stones, you can cover the oil layer with sand. However, if you notice it too late, it may penetrate too deeply into the surface of the paving stones. Then it will be necessary to use a special oil stain remover. Chemical cleaning is the most effective in case of such stains. If the paving blocks get dirty in a certain place, e.g. where the garden grill is, it is worth using an impregnator, so that the oil cannot penetrate the structure of the blocks so quickly

How to prevent stains on paving blocks?

In order to prevent stains from appearing on the paving blocks, it is best to use an adequate impregnant after laying them. There are special preparations on the market, which will help us to decrease the probability of stains and vegetation, such as moss, appearing on the paving stones. We can also bet on products protecting the paving blocks against difficult to remove greasy stains, e.g. from diesel oil. It is also very important to apply a special preparation, which makes the sett glossy and renews its color. These products contain UV filter, which protects the driveway or the path made of paving stones against the loss of color. Impregnation also makes the cleaning of paving blocks much easier. You can do it yourself with a pressure washer without using any other detergents.

Of course, stains on paving stones occur for certain reasons. Most often mosses and weeds grow in a slightly shaded and humid place. Proper drainage of the driveway will help us avoid problems with returning vegetation. Let’s also take care of impregnating the paving stones in the place where the garden grill is placed. And before we start working on the car, let’s try to put a special sheet under it, which will protect the sett from greasy diesel stains. This way, our paving stones will stay looking good for longer.

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