Terrace and balcony

Paved or wooden terrace?

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Terrace is a place of relaxation and a showcase of the house. What is worth making a terrace of? What is worth considering when making a decision?

What should I consider when choosing a material for a terrace?

When choosing a material for a terrace, durability is of key importance. That is why it is worth investing in a functional and durable material that is resistant to weather conditions. The terrace should form a cohesive whole with the house and the garden.

Terrace made of paving blocks

Paving blocks are one of the most durable materials – resistant to changing weather conditions. A slightly rough structure protects users from accidental slipping. Wide range of colors and patterns makes everyone find something for themselves.

The disadvantage of this solution is that it is difficult to keep clean. Dirt gets between the cracks. When you walk on the terrace, it is collected on your shoes and brought into the house.

If you decide to lay paving blocks on the terrace, it is advisable to lay them on a cement and sand bed or lean concrete. If you lay the pavers only on sand, it will lie in the gaps between them. The sand bed has to be well compacted. Otherwise, the sett blocks may collapse. Porcelain stoneware and composite will be the best choice for the house terrace. The cost of such terrace is about 160 PLN/m2.

Terrace made of composite boards

Composite boards are one of the most popular materials used for building outdoor terraces. This is due to a number of advantages of this material. Composite is made of wood flour with the addition of plastics. There are solid composites and composites with a hollow space inside.

Composite boards should be attached to joists that are placed on a concrete screed. If there is no screed, then a very tight waterproofing and weed control insulation is required.

If you’re ordering composite decking, it’s a good idea to choose from a single batch, as batches may vary slightly in color. Composite does not require maintenance. It is a good idea to buy non-slip composite planks for your terrace. This allows you to safely use the terrace, even if it is wet.

If a composite plank is damaged, it can be replaced very easily, because they are mounted with single clips. When replacing a board, you should expect it to be a different shade than the others. The cost of 1m2 of composite boards is about 180 PLN.

Terrace made of wooden boards

Terrace boards made of larch, spruce or exotic wood are most often used (they are the least susceptible to changing weather conditions, but are more expensive than native wood species). Wood is a beautiful, natural material for the terrace

However, you should remember about proper impregnation, which protects against the multiplication of bacteria. If wood is not impregnated regularly, it will lose its protective layer and begin to rot. A wooden terrace, although beautiful, is very expensive and requires regular care.

Which material should I choose?

There is no definite answer to this question. When choosing a material for the construction of a terrace, durability and price should be taken into account. The cheapest solution is a terrace made of paving stones, and the most expensive is made of wood.

mAIN PHOTO: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen/unsplash.com

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