Weeds in the lawn. How to get rid of them effectively?

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A beautiful and well-kept lawn is the highlight of any garden. How do you get rid of weeds effectively?

The causes of weeds in lawns

The most common cause of weed growth in lawns is a lack of minerals – grasses have high nutrient requirements. If there is a lack of nutrients in the soil, the grass grows poorly and is replaced by weeds.

It is very common for lawns to experience a water deficit in summer, which leads to them drying out. Weeds are generally very resistant to lack of water. How can you prevent weeds from growing on your lawn?

Weed control

If you want to prevent weeds from growing on your lawn, you have to take care of it by fertilizing and mowing it regularly and by watering it when the weather is hot. The denser and healthier your lawn, the less likely it is that weeds will grow on it. Intensive and proper care is one effective way to prevent weeds.

Mowing is one of the most important activities in lawn care. To prevent weeds, it must not be done too low. If the soil is too moist, then it will in turn become overgrown with moss. To keep the lawn looking beautiful, moss should be removed in spring or autumn. This treatment will allow air and water to reach the roots of the grass more quickly.

Mechanical weeding of the lawn

By scarifying your lawn regularly, you can get rid of weeds that grow carpet-like. Weeds with bundle roots, such as plantain, require special tools.

Many weeds only thrive if the grass is not fertilized regularly. To reduce their occurrence and strengthen the lawn, use fertilizers regularly.

Chemical weeding of the lawn

For weed control in the lawn, choose only safe chemical preparations. If your lawn is large, go for condensed sprays. After mixing the concentrate, spray the lawn with a hand or industrial sprayer. The concentrate is usually enough to treat 60-70m2 of lawn. If there aren’t many weeds on the lawn, you can use a spot treatment such as a spray. This is a ready-made product that is very convenient to apply.

To be effective, the chemical should be selected according to the amount of weeds. Before applying such preparations, check the weather. For chemical spraying to be effective, it must be done on a sunny day. Wear protective clothing and goggles when spraying. Do not carry out spraying on windy days as this reduces its effectiveness.

The chemical weed control treatment should be carried out when the air temperature is above 15°C. Weeds at the time of spraying should have developed 2 or 3 leaves each. To increase the effectiveness of weed killers, use a grass fertilizer during the growing season.

Weed control fertilizer?

Lawn weed killer fertilizer is new to the market. This product is formulated with weed killers (the same as in spray products) and essential minerals. The lawn should be evenly fertilized with this fertilizer. The dosage is similar to the usual mineral fertilizer, namely 20g/1m2 of lawn.

Main photo: Petar Tonchev/unsplash.com

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