Best fall apples – varieties and storage

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Apples are one of the most popular fruits among Poles. Autumn varieties are best suited for storage. Which of them is worth choosing?

the 10 tastiest varieties of apples

Apple trees are one of the most common trees in Polish orchards. Currently in our country 60 species of apple trees are grown. Autumn varieties are the best for storage.

1. Golden Delicious

This variety comes from the USA. Cultivated in Poland since the late 19th century. Although it gained popularity in the 70s of the 20th century. Yellow apples are juicy with delicate flesh. On average they reach about 8 cm in size. They are most often used for preserves.

2. Topaz

Originates from the Czech Republic. This variety is the result of crossing the varieties Vanda and Rubin. It is a very fruitful variety. Apples are bright red, with sweet and sour taste. High sugar content and slightly sour taste make this variety valued as one for preserves. The harvest of apples always takes place in the middle of October.

3. Ariva

This variety is the effect of crossing Golden Delicious and clone A849-5. Originated in England. In Poland it is available since 2007. The apples are yellow-green in color. The flesh is sweet with a slightly sour taste. The apples can be picked from September but they are good to eat only from October.

4. Gala

This variety is very popular in Poland because of its high resistance to diseases. It comes from New Zealand. This variety has a slightly sweet taste.

5. Antonovka

Comes from Russia. It is very popular in Poland because of its high resistance to frosts. The fruit is large, golden in color with a small blush. Apples are suitable for eating raw and for preserves.

6. Ligol

Fruits as early as the 3rd year after planting. It produces a very abundant crop. Fruits are sweet, with a delicate sour taste. Apples can be harvested as early as October, but they are best to eat in February and March.

7. Szampion

This variety comes from Czech Republic. Very popular in Poland, produces fruits already 3 years after planting. The fruits are very sweet with sour note. The trees are sensitive to frost but resistant to diseases. Apples can be stored till December.

8. Lobo

Originates from Canada. Bears fruits 4 years after planting. It is very resistant to frost. The apples are crispy and very juicy. They have sweet and sour taste.

9. Rubin

Rubin is a variety resistant to frost and diseases. Fruits are very big, with juicy, slightly sweet taste. This variety is considered a dessert one. They can be stored for a short time, until the end of November.

10. Gloster

Originated in Germany. They have medium resistance to frost and to apple scab. The apples have juicy and firm flesh with a slightly sweet taste.

How do I store them?

In order to keep apples for as long as possible, they need to be harvested properly – very carefully. If they are ripe, they can be picked easily from the tree. It is enough to twist the apple slightly to pull it away from the branch.

If they are stored properly, they can be eaten until the end of March. Apples should be stored in a dark room with high humidity, e.g. a cellar with good ventilation. You can increase the humidity in the room by placing a container with water. It is best to store apples in crates lined with corrugated cardboard. If the crate is larger, separate the apples by successive layers of cardboard.

Only store undamaged apples. You should check them weekly during storage and remove any rotting fruit. To prevent the apples from drying out quickly, it is a good idea to cover them with perforated foil.

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