Cape lobelia. Balcony flowers for the shade

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Is your balcony not decorated with flowers? Wondering what kind of flowers will do well on a shady balcony? Cape lobelia is a plant which does well in such conditions!

Cape lobelia – characteristics

Many people think of Cape Lobelia as a plant called Stoichia, which is its common name. It is a small size plant of the bellflower family. In its natural habitat, it grows in wetlands. The plant grows, forming specific clumps. Its stems are very limp and delicate. As a rule they reach 15 – 20 cm. Lobelia is characterized by its glossy leaves and extremely abundant flowering. Its flowers can be blue, purple, red or pink. There are several varieties, which can be easily found in the store. For a better visual effect we can sow in one pot different color varieties of lobelia. The advantage of this species is that its flowering lasts from early spring to late autumn

Lobelia on a shady balcony

Cape lobelia is a plant that is extremely easy to grow. It tolerates the mistakes of the beginner gardener very well. It adapts itself to any conditions you give it so that it can even grow on a shady balcony and decorate it with its colors. It is worth considering growing lobelia on your balcony, as its inflorescences are its beautiful and natural decoration.

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