December in the garden. What work should be done before the season?

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It would seem that winter is a time when there is not much to do in the garden. However, there is work to be done which will make your garden look beautiful in spring. What should you keep in mind and what work should be done during this time? Here are a few suggestions which you should include in your December Gardener’s Calendar.

Winter task list

Winter in the garden is the time of year when you need to protect the most delicate shrubs from frost and check the condition of your plants to make sure they can withstand low temperatures. Below you will find a list of jobs to do so that your garden will survive the winter and be a delight in spring:

  • make mounds of earth around the trunks of trees and shrubs,
  • wrap taller plants in straw or white non-woven fabric (the color white is important for light transmission)
  • plants in containers should be taken home or protected with Styrofoam and sawdust,
  • coniferous shrubs should be tied with string to protect them from deformation of shape under the influence of heavy snow, while those more sensitive to temperature should be wrapped with non-woven fabric or straw.

Order and care

After a heavy snowfall, it’s best to shovel it away from perennial beds towards trees and shrubs. Remember that snow also forms a natural protection for trunks. However, if it is too wet and heavy it can break branches so it should be shaken off regularly. What other cleaning work can be done at this time?

  • Bleach fruit trees to prevent the bark from cracking at low temperatures,
  • protect trees from animals, e.g. hares, which like to bite the bark and damage it,
  • shovel the snow off the paths,
  • remember about birds and feed them, for which they will surely thank you in the summer,
  • carefully inspect fruits, vegetables, tubers and bulbs and throw away those with signs of disease,
  • if you haven’t raked up fallen leaves, now is also a good time to do so,
  • avoid walking on a snow-covered lawn, as trampled snow causes dark spots,
  • if you plan to lay a new lawn in spring, now is also the right time to dig up the area, provided that there is no frost of course.
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