Electric garden grill. What to look for?

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Summer days are conducive to barbecues. Home gardens and city lots fill up with families and friends. The highlight of such gatherings is, of course, the tasting of grilled food. The better equipment you have at your disposal, the more delicious dishes you will prepare.

The traditional charcoal grill can be considered the symbol of the spring-summer season. Some even jokingly say that grilling has become the national sport of Poles. There’s no denying that grilled foods have a unique taste and aroma, which are created mainly thanks to the rising smoke from the charcoal grill. Such a grill has many supporters, but traditional equipment will not work in all weather, for example, on rainy days. A better solution will be electric models, which we can use all year round.

Electric grill – types

Unlike traditional charcoal grills, the electric ones do not need to be fired up for several minutes. For many, the advantage of electric models may also be the lack of smoke. The electric grill heats up quickly, but needs – as the name suggests – a source of electricity to work properly.

There are several types of electric grills:

  • home grill (kitchen, table-top) – it is small in size, so we can set it permanently in the kitchen, so we can prepare a roasted dish at any time. It is often equipped with interchangeable heating pads, for example, for waffles,
  • electric grill with a grate – food is cooked on a metal grate, which is heated with the help of a heater below. The grate should be cleaned after each use,
  • electric grill with hotplate – the grill is replaced by a hotplate, on which you directly put the food,
  • raclette grill – allows you to cook several dishes at once.

Electric grills are divided not only by the type of hotplate, but also by the purpose. The devices listed above are usually chosen for the home, although they can also be used outdoors. The more popular electric grills for garden grilling are such models as:

  • standing grill – looks like traditional charcoal grills, comes in different sizes,
  • electric grill with lid (lockable) – great for outdoor grilling, even in windy weather, as the lid ensures that the temperature of the roasted food remains stable,
  • double-sided electric grill – the lid is equipped with a heating plate, so the food is toasted on both sides.

What kind of electric grill to choose?

We can easily match the type of electric grill to our own needs. However, before deciding on a particular model, pay attention to its technical parameters. What should interest us?

  • Power – expressed in watts. The higher it is, the faster you will cook meals.
  • Method of switching on – the grill is usually switched on with a button, but some models require the cord to be unplugged in order to turn off the device.
  • The ability to adjust the temperature – facilitates comfortable cooking.
  • Cleaning – parts of some grills can be washed in the dishwasher, which ensures easier operation of the equipment.
  • Additional features – some grills are equipped with additional options, for example, non-slip feet.

When buying an electric electric grill, let’s be guided primarily by its type and functionality. The price of the equipment also matters.

main photo: van Leeuwen

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