Hedge trimmers. When is it worth buying them?

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A lush, tall hedge is a wonderful ornament to any garden. But it can be difficult to maintain, especially if you have a lot of hedges

Hedge plants tend to grow very quickly, which is good because you can see the effects of hedge growth very quickly. But fast-growing plants can become a nuisance if they get out of shape quickly. So is it worth getting a hedge trimmer? We tell you when it’s time to buy one

Hand shears – the essential hedge maintenance tool

If you want to create a hedge in your garden, hedge trimmers are a must. The cheapest and most basic version are hand pruners. They work especially well at the beginning, when the hedge is just starting to grow. Hand tools are the most precise way to shape and maintain a hedge. Hand shears are suitable for all types of shrubs, regardless of plant species. If your hedge isn’t long, is just a decorative feature at the entrance to your garden, or separates small sections, a pair of hand pruners and a bit of regularity will do the trick. If the hedge surrounds the entire plot, using hand pruners can result in serious soreness – or even injury – plus it’s a waste of time

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Electric hedge trimmers – the quick way to a beautiful hedge

Electric hedge trimmers are easy to use, relatively lightweight and speed up hedge care work considerably. The downside of electric hedge trimmers is that they need to be plugged in, so if you don’t have a long extension cord in your garden, this option isn’t ideal for you. Another downside is also the danger of cutting the cable while working, which can result in an electric shock. However, electric hedge trimmers are a hit if your hedge consists of small leafed shrubs like boxwood or barberry. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to handle, even on tall hedges

Petrol shears – for special tasks

Petrol-driven hedge trimmers are particularly suitable for large and long hedges. They’re powerful and have a very long working time. They’re cordless, so you can work anywhere in the garden without having to search for a power source. The downside, however, is that they are very heavy, which precludes you from working with them for several hours, and on top of that, they consume fuel, so they emit exhaust fumes. This is bad for both the environment and your health, and working in the smell of exhaust fumes becomes an ordeal. As combustion powered hedge trimmers are also difficult to operate, they are recommended to be used mainly by trained hedge trimmers. At home, they may prove to be an investment too high

Cordless hedge trimmers – the most versatile solution for large hedges

A much better solution for cutting large hedges is a battery-powered hedge trimmer. As the name suggests, they’re powered by a rechargeable battery, making them cordless and emission-free. Like electric hedge trimmers, they are lightweight, easy to use, but no cable will restrict your freedom of movement and, compared to handheld shears, they speed up the work considerably. The duration of their operation depends on the capacity of the battery, and it – on the price of the shears. However, this is an investment for years, so it is not worth saving on such equipment

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Hedge trimmers are essential if you’re going to choose this form of fencing for a plot or part of your garden. Choose them based on your needs and expectations. Choose the type of shears you need based on the size of your plot, your hedge and your physical abilities so you can easily take care of your hedge

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