How long does it take to SEO a gardening supplies website?

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The gardening industry is not only very competitive, but also characterized by high seasonality. In order not to get lost in the maze of other companies and websites, it is worth taking care of the right actions to gain new customers. In this article we combined all useful knowledge which Portland SEO agency, and SEO services Philadelphia decided to share with us, so we can bring it to You for free!

As Portland SEO agency says: Nowadays, interest in gardening is growing, which translates into the emergence of new companies and stores offering gardening supplies. Competition is huge, so how do customers want to trust just us? We have to convince them, the best way is to create the image of a professional and trustworthy company. SEO activities will help us increase our visibility in search engines and bring more traffic to our website, and consequently – higher profits.

Positioning – the essence of SEO

SEO services Philadelphia explains: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is literally search engine optimization. In order for a website to appear in top positions in search engine results, it must be well optimized. Positioning serves this purpose.

Positioning is based on such actions, thanks to which a website will be more visible on the Internet. So important is the structure of the site, its functionality, correctness of code, used template, creating intuitive subpages and bookmarks. This all affects the overall perception of the site by Internet users.

When starting positioning, you should first focus on two activities – performing SEO audit and choosing keywords. SEO audit is a detailed analysis of the website. As a result, you can learn about all the errors and how to eliminate them. It is best to entrust this task to specialists who will suggest specific actions and strategy. SEO audit pays attention not only to the content on the page, but also to its technical aspects, such as linking and loading speed.

Keywords, on the other hand, are the most important in optimizing a website. If you choose them correctly, your website will appear higher in the search results and will be easier to find. You can choose keywords yourself or use tools such as Google Keyword Planner.

Surely now you are wondering if you need positioning? The answer can be only one: yes, you do and you need it urgently. Why is every kind of well-prepared SEO strategy so important? Because an unoptimized website simply gets lost among the others, does not appear in search engines, gets little traffic and thus low revenue. As already mentioned, the gardening industry is highly competitive. If we want to attract customers, we have to attract them and encourage them to buy our products. No matter if it’s SEO France, Brazil, Poland or Norway, if the strategy is adequate, and does it’s job, even SEO France will be top-notch for Your business.  

It should also be emphasized that SEO is based on long-term and consistent actions, it is a continuous process. Many people ask the question, how long does SEO take? It is impossible to give a definite answer, because it depends on many factors, including the history and quality of the website, the choice of keywords, competitiveness of the industry, adaptation to changes in Google’s algorithm. Analysis of the positioned websites shows that the first effects can be seen after about two or three months, but sometimes this time extends up to eight or even more months. So you need to be patient and start working as soon as possible.

Blog – a way to increase visibility on the Internet

In addition to the selection of keywords, there is one more factor that has a good impact on the visibility of the site. It is content marketing. The essence of it is to create unique content, in which you can weave keywords – shorter, as well as longer, more elaborate ones, the so-called long tail phrases. Listen to Portland SEO agency tips: the gardening industry provides a great opportunity to create a blog where you can share knowledge, tips and advice on how to care for plants and use selected gardening supplies. It is important that such content appears frequently and regularly, it will increase traffic to the site and help build an image of a reliable and professional company that is worth trusting.

And how to position a blog? SEO services Philadelphia maintains from experience that we should do it similarly as a typical website. So you should take care not only about regularity, but also about the choice of keywords, which will be woven into the expert content. Technical and visual aspects of the blog are also important – it should be clear, comfortable to read and adapted to mobile devices. By the way, SEO France is great, due to the high number of experienced SEO agencies, which are likely to help as good as You even can’t imagine.

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  • Eva Stern 10.08.2022

    People say that SEO takes too long and is not profitable. I also believed it for a long time. It was only when I found out more about SEO and read the information on the website that I realized how many benefits these activities can bring. In my case, just like you mentioned, the first results appeared after a few months of actions. Positioning needs time, but it is definitely worth waiting for the results. However, I did not stop optimizing my website, even after achieving my goal, because SEO is a continuous process.