Tick sprays for the garden – what to use?

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Spring season is in full swing. Summer is approaching fast, and with it, unfortunately, in our gardens more and more ticks begin to appear.


There is no need to tell anyone about the danger of ticks. What can be done to get rid of them? Start by pruning bushes regularly so that they are not too dense. Cut the lawn fairly low. Avoid planting tall ornamental grasses and ferns and fill your garden with lavender, catnip or rosemary, which are natural tick repellents.

Photo by JerzyGorecki from Pixabay.com

Sprays for ticks

There are many companies on the market offering effective sprays to get rid of ticks. It is best to choose those with the most natural ingredients, especially when spraying the vegetable garden as well. The most popular products are those from companies such as Bros, Aspermet, Target or Cimex.

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