Weeding tools. What’s good to have for gardening?

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Weeding the garden is a difficult and labor-intensive task. What tools are necessary for weeding in the garden?

the 7 most necessary tools for weeding

To weed effectively, you need to have a few essential tools, which are:


In many Polish regions is called a hook. This tool has a very simple structure. It consists of a rod and a nastka with a rectangular or heart shape. It can have different dimensions. An interesting tool is the rotary hoe, which has a hoe cap on one side and teeth on the other. The hoe is one of the most necessary tools of any gardener.

Garden hoe

Also called the Danish hoe. An interesting tool that works great in any garden. It is a tool to work on beds and lawn care. The use of the tool depends on the length of the handle.

The tool looks like a stirrup and has a movable sharpened head on both sides. This tool is ideal for removing weeds or dandelions.

Weed whacker

The weed whacker is a more complicated tool. It has a clamping and unfolding mechanism on the handle that can be used to precisely remove weeds. With one push of a button, the weed can be removed quickly and precisely. This tool is very useful for removing weeds from the lawn or flowerbed, for example.

Weed remover

The weed cutter is a very useful tool for removing individual weeds. To remove them, simply place the weed cutter next to the weed and turn it 180°. Some models have ejectors that make it easier to pull weeds.


A cultivator, also known as a tine, is a tool for puncturing the soil and can also be used to remove weeds. It is ideal for weeding beds. The design resembles a hoe. Very often, the two tools are combined. The sharp ends can be very easily driven into the ground. Some models are hooked, which makes it easier to remove weeds.

The simplest weeding tools can be purchased for as little as a dozen or so zlotys. But it’s always worth investing in slightly better quality ones that will last longer.

Shovel and spade

These tools are indispensable for planting flowers and digging up garden beds. The weight of the shovel and spade should be matched to the user.

What other tools are worth having?

For effective gardening, you will need other tools. Therefore, people who have a garden should get a rake. Depending on the work you should have a soil rake (they have short and thicker teeth) and a leaf rake (they have soft thin teeth, so-called fan-shaped).

If there are trees and shrubs in the garden, it is necessary to have secateurs and pruning shears, which are necessary for trimming branches. The gardener should also have a watering can or garden hose to water the plants on hot days.

A lawn mower is a must for even the smallest garden. In stores you can find electric, diesel and battery models. An interesting solution are mowing robots.

Main photo: David Rangel/unsplash.com

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