When should you start planting balcony plants?

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Did you know that the first flowers on your balcony can already bloom in March? It’s worth taking your time and planning your balcony work accordingly to enjoy the flowers until November.

When to plant the first balcony flowers?

Many people who like to surround themselves with plants are particularly pleased with the first spring flowers. After a gray winter, the color fever of spring flowers is delightful. Snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses – early spring can be colorful. Even on your balcony! Don’t give up on this opportunity and go to the garden store in March as soon as the weather stabilizes a bit and buy some bulbs. Repot them in a pot with more soil (to protect the bulbs from the slight frost) and bring them out onto the balcony. In case of frost it is good to cover the plants with agro-fiber. 

Another way to spring bulb flowers on the balcony is to plant them in pots in the fall. This method is just as effective as buying already blooming plants. However, it does require a little more work. The pot needs to be insulated so that the bulbs don’t freeze during a harsh winter. If you have large boxes on your balcony, place them on Styrofoam before pouring soil into them. It is necessary to remember about protecting the sides – Styrofoam will also work perfectly here. Pour soil into the prepared pot and plant the bulbs. In case of severe frosts you can put them on top of the fleece. Do not forget to water the bulbs from time to time. 

Planting of balcony plants

When the bulbous plants have already started to bloom, it is worth planting pansies, primulas and daisies on the balcony. This will make April on your balcony as colorful as March! Flowers, like earlier bulbous plants, should be covered overnight with fleece in case of frost. Proper care of these flowers (regular, but not too abundant watering, fertilizing once every two weeks) is a guarantee that they will beautifully decorate our balcony until mid-May, when it’s time for another revolution in the balcony pots.

What to plant on your balcony in May?

Planting typical balcony flowers is best carried out in the second half of May, after the so-called cold gardeners. What to plant in pots on the balcony? The choice is huge! Surfinia, lobelia, fuchsia, geraniums, verbena, petunia, velvet, bacopa, mandevilla, celosia, lavender, gazania, begonia, miniature sunflower, impatiens and many more. You’re sure to find the right plants for your balcony. When choosing flowers, pay attention to the type of location the plant likes. And be sure to choose plants which suit your level of gardening skills and the time you have to devote to the balcony garden.

What flowers should I plant on my balcony to bloom until frost?

If you’re looking for plants which will decorate your balcony not only in summer but also in autumn, it’s definitely worth betting on the easy-to-grow velvet plant. Shining gazania and geraniums are also good choices. Planting dwarf asters in pots is an unusual solution. You should also consider putting chrysanthemums on your balcony. This species has been taking our balconies and terraces by storm for some time now.

main photo: pixabay.com/planet_fox

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