Cordless or petrol mower?

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It’s high time for the first spring grass mowing. After the winter, the lawn is reborn and green again, but this is the moment when it is very easy for the grass to overgrow and the lawn to become uneven and unsightly. A good lawnmower is the basis for a beautiful and well-kept lawn. The golf course lawn is the unbeatable ideal for which every home gardener strives. Find out which lawnmower is right for you

Cordless mowers – pros and cons

A battery-powered mower is a great choice for a small plot with lots of trees, for example. In such an area, a cable could make work considerably more difficult. Another advantage of cordless mowers is that they don’t need to be plugged in, so you can mow without having to worry about whether there’s enough cord to cover the entire area. A cordless mower is also more eco-friendly because it doesn’t pollute the environment with exhaust fumes. This makes it healthier and more pleasant to work with a battery-powered lawnmower, because the device does not poison you with unpleasant smells and gas mixtures. On the plus side, a cordless mower works practically for free. The cost of charging the battery to full is the expense of a few tens of pennies

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The downside of cordless mowers is their range. In the case of really large plots of land, it may turn out that the battery of the mower has too small capacity and the working time is not enough to mow the lawn on the entire garden area. The disadvantage in this situation is that the battery of the mower needs to be recharged even several hours, so mowing a large lawn in one day is not an option. It’s also a big investment, especially when compared to an electric mower, which you can buy in any DIY store for less than a hundred zlotys. A battery-powered mower costs a lot more, but it’s a lot more efficient, and it’s easier and more fun to work with

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Petrol lawnmowers – when will they work?

A petrol lawnmower is a machine for special tasks. It’s not worth buying for small plots, which can be easily mown with an electric or cordless mower. It’s an even bigger expense than a battery-powered mower, so think carefully about your decision and weigh up the pros and cons. A petrol mower can certainly cope with huge plots of land where mowing the grass takes several hours. All you need to do is fill up with petrol and you can easily work until you’re done. Another advantage is that you can mow even in the rain or right after it, when the grass is still wet. This is not possible with electric mowers because of the risk of a short circuit and electrocution. However, a petrol lawnmower works quite noisily, which can be very tiring in the long run. It also emits exhaust fumes, which negatively affects your health and the health of those around you. It’s also expensive to maintain and run. The average petrol lawnmower uses about 0.5-0.7 litres of fuel per hour. At current petrol prices, an hour of mowing the lawn costs at least three zlotys. Considering that the grass needs to be mowed about once a week, per month that’s more than 20 zloty spent virtually for nothing

When faced with the choice of a cordless or a petrol lawnmower, don’t make a hot decision. Think about your decision, consider what your needs are and which option will best meet them. Remember that you should be happy with your investment because you’re choosing equipment that will last for years. Decide on the mower that will meet your expectations and be the best for your lawn.

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