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Autumn roses – cultivation, fertilizing and care

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It is worth taking care of roses from September to October – this is when it is worth transplanting seedlings and digging in the ground for new plants. From September to October it is also worth taking care of them – it is the time when it is worth to transplant seedlings and dig new plants into the ground

Roses are universal gift for every occasion. Red ones are a symbol of passionate love and white ones are often used in wedding bouquets. However, not only cut roses are popular – there are as many as 7 varieties in gardens! There are large-flowered, bedding roses, miniature roses, park roses, groundcover roses, English roses and climbing roses. They differ from each other by the size of flowers, frost resistance and other parameters, but requirements concerning care are universal. Check how to take care of roses, especially in autumn!

Autumn roses – varieties

Although roses bloom most intensively in summer, when buds are warmed by sun rays, some varieties give flowers even till October. In Polish conditions the most often chosen varieties, which bloom even to the first frosts are

  • Tip Top – an intensely fragrant variety that delights with salmon-colored flowers. This is a large-flowered variety, which can grow to a height of 1.2 m. It delights both in the garden and in the garden. It delights both in the garden and in bouquets
  • Bonica – bright pink (or orange) bed variety with beautiful flowers. It blooms from June to late autumn and is frost hardy in our climate
  • Ballerina – like Bonica, it blooms from June and repeats flowering until the first frosts. It is characterized by small flowers, however, it has no fragrance. It is resistant to diseases
  • Peace – as the name suggests, it is a rose with a delicate charm. Its large flowers can take on shades of white, yellow, light pink – and each is distinguished by a non-intrusive, sweet fragrance
  • Jacqueline du Pre – a rose with white flowers that, according to connoisseurs, smell of citrus and musk. Repeats flowering until October

Growing roses – position, soil, pruning

Rose seedlings can be planted into the ground in spring (March/April) or in autumn (September/October). The date before winter is more advantageous, because new plants have time to build a root system and can start flowering already in the next season. As roses do not like to be transplanted (they have too extensive root system), it is worth choosing a suitable place in the garden at once. They feel best in permeable soil, with a slightly acidic pH, and in sunny but airy positions. The shade and lack of air can result in the frequent appearance of diseases and pests

Fertilizing roses – what do they need?

Roses like to be fertilized. In the first season after planting, gentle natural fertilizers such as compost will suffice. In the following years mineral fertilizers, specially composed mixtures for roses (containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) can be introduced – they should be used as many as 3 times a season!

However, it is worth carefully monitoring the condition of your plants, because any deficiency or excess of a particular element is symbolized by changes in the development of leaves or buds

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