Pears – the best and recommended varieties

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Pear tree is one of the most popular trees in Polish orchards. Varieties of this tree differ among others in taste and color of fruits. Which varieties of pear tree are worth having in your garden?

The best summer varieties of pear tree

Summer varieties of pear tree are the most popular. These are American varieties, whose fruit ripens in the middle of August. They have a sweet taste. The fruits are not suitable for storage, but they are good for compote or jam, for example.


The fava bean is commonly called a smack. It is the best known American variety. The fruit ripens in the second half of August. Faworitka is a dessert variety. It is not suitable for storage (maximum two weeks). It is resistant to frost. Not very scab resistant – needs to be sprayed regularly. The tree is pollinated by Conference Pear, Williams and Commodity Pear.


Pear tree variety, native to the Czech Republic. This variety ripens early, but fruits every second year. The fruits have sweet and sour taste. This variety is susceptible to fungal diseases – especially scab.


It comes from the Czech Republic. It is a new variety, it ripens early. It has a juicy flesh with sweet and sour taste. It bears fruits very richly every year. It is moderately resistant to frost and fungal diseases.

The best autumn varieties of pears


This variety is very popular in Poland. It comes from England. It is very resistant to frost and fungal diseases. It can be grown both in professional and amateur orchards. The fruits are very big and juicy. It is a perfect variety for eating, desserts and for preserves. It is not a good pollinator. It is pollinated by varieties: Faworita, Williams and Komisowka.

Bera Hardy

Also known as Bera. It is one of the oldest autumn cultivars of pear trees. It was created in France in 1820. It is an old and very popular variety. Because it is very resistant to frost and fungal diseases. It is pollinated by varieties: Williams and Komisovka.

Williams bonkreta

This variety is a great pollinator for early and late varieties. Fruits are ripe at the end of August and the beginning of September. They are not suitable for long storage (two weeks maximum). The fruit is not suitable for preserves.


Concorde is a cross between Conference Pear and Commodity Pear. It is an English dessert pear. Bears rich fruit every year. Resistant to frost and moderately resistant to fungal diseases. Bears fruits at the end of September. The fruit is suitable for storage.

The best winter varieties of pears


This variety is very popular in Polish orchards. It has sweet taste with delicate wine flavor. This is a late variety suitable for long storage. Fruits are harvested in October, in proper conditions they can survive about two months. This variety is frost hardy but not very resistant to fungal diseases (needs regular spraying). It fruits every year, although the yields are not abundant.

Parisian Girl

This is an old French variety. It has a sweet, slightly vinous taste. The fruit ripens in the second half of October. They are suitable for preserves and storage. Paryżanka is resistant to fungal diseases and sensitive to frost. A pollinator for this variety is Faworitka.

Packham’s Triumph

This is a very interesting variety, although not very popular in Poland. It has very juicy and sweet fruits with a slightly wine taste. It fruits every year, giving abundant crops. It ripens at the turn of September and October.

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