Planting tulips in the fall. How to plant tulips?

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Tulips are flowers that are immensely popular. Spring gardens would not be the same without them. Their beautiful intense colors are a great decoration of flowerbeds and numerous varieties with varied flowering time allow to enjoy them from April to May. However, to decorate your garden with tulips, you need to think about it beforehand. When do we plant tulips and how does their cultivation look like?

When do we plant tulips and how do we do it?

Tulips are bulbous plants which should be planted into the ground well before their flowering period in spring. When to plant tulips? You have to do it in autumn. The best time is late September or early October. A tulip bulb needs some time to take roots. However, we have to plant it before the first frosts.

It is also important how to plant tulips. It is necessary to keep proper depth. In this case the reference point is the size of the bulb itself because it should be planted on the depth corresponding to its two or three times height. It is worthwhile to plant tulip bulbs in special baskets which prevent the bulbs from being pulled deeper into the ground during the process of rooting or from being destroyed by rodents.

Tulips’ cultivation

Tulips feel well in loose and permeable soils with neutral or slightly acidic reaction. In clay or very heavy substrates they are likely to grow poorly or not at all. Therefore, they should be planted in loosened and properly permeable soil. They feel best in the sun, so they should have a sunny position, which will allow them to bloom beautifully. Tulip bulbs they do not like excess water so it is worth taking care that they are not too wet – standing water is particularly harmful. Of course tulips need to be watered regularly so that they are not too dry but with reason.

When do tulips bloom?

As already mentioned at the beginning, tulips bloom in spring. The early tulips bloom in April and the late varieties bloom even in mid-May. Therefore, if you want to enjoy tulips all spring long it is worth planting different tulip varieties which will bloom one after another. Very early tulip varieties can bloom as early as the end of March, these are botanical tulips. Then there are the full early tulips, which bloom in April, and the late varieties, which bloom as late as mid-May. So with a good planning we can admire the beauty of these exceptional flowers for two months.

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