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The Gravity Lounger sounds like equipment that should be aboard a spaceship. The comfort it offers will indeed transport you to another dimension, but other than unearthly comfort, it has nothing to do with space

This type of recliner is a relative novelty, but it’s becoming increasingly popular – for good reason! Check out the benefits of using a gravity recliner.

What’s the difference between a zero gravity recliner and a traditional recliner?

Zero gravity recliner allows you to relax in the most ergonomic position. Its seat and back adjust to the shape of your body and make you feel as if you are drifting in the air a few inches above the ground. These recliners give you the opportunity to rest in a semi-reclining position that relieves pressure on your spine, which by changing your body position and pressure points helps tame stubborn back pain and even migraines

With a gravity recliner, you will relax fully and forget about the world around you. A traditional recliner does not give you the ability to lie in any position, a no gravity recliner allows you to control the seat using your body posture. This allows you to sit, lie, and even keep your legs above your heart, which can benefit your health in the long run. Resting with your legs slightly elevated can provide relief for those struggling with varicose veins, but it also prevents the formation of blockages and blood clots, blood can circulate freely through the body and oxygenate all of its cells. By circulating the blood more efficiently, resting and taking naps on a recliner are much more effective

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Why buy a gravity recliner?

Besides the tangible health benefits that come with using a no gravity recliner, it’s worth buying one for a few more reasons. First, a gravity recliner has a real effect on stress reduction. In the age of coronavirus, when the level of stress and anxiety among the public has risen drastically, it is advisable to take care of your mental health and spend 15 minutes a day for total relaxation. The extra exposure to nature and sunshine and fresh air makes you more productive and creative. Regenerating your mind after exercise is just as important as regenerating your muscles and body. After an intense day at work, relaxing on a gravity recliner is a recipe for a sober and calm mind. A gravity lounger can also be a fantastic decoration for your terrace or balcony, especially if it is part of the whole arrangement

What are the models of gravity recliners?

Choosing a gravity recliner model depends on where and how you want to use it. On a balcony, a folding recliner will work best. In a small space, every square inch is worth its weight in gold, so it’s worth investing in a piece of equipment that will take up as little space as possible when not in use. A non-folding deckchair is much better on a large terrace or in the garden. If your terrace isn’t covered or you intend to use the lounger in the garden, a gravity lounger with a canopy is a great option. This option will allow you to relax without the risk of stroke or sunburn. The generous canopy on a gravity lounger is also a safeguard against light rain, which on a traditional lounger would interrupt your relaxation. There is still a variant of gravity lounger with rocking function available in the market. A no gravity rocking lounger is a guarantee of an amazing experience and unearthly relaxation. Rocking enhances the feeling of weightlessness and increases the quality of your rest

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Resting in the garden is the favourite form of relaxation for many Poles. Sunbathing, taking a short nap or simply relaxing after gardening work are inextricably associated with a deckchair spread out on the grass. Thanks to the new no gravity deckchairs, siesta in the garden can reach a completely different level. Relaxing on a gravity lounger is also about keeping your body and mind healthy

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